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Ex-Nato chiefs warn of Brexit’s ‘dangers’

- By Macer Hall Political Editor

ANTI-Brussels campaigner­s have reacted angrily to fresh claims from security chiefs that quitting the EU will increase the overseas threats facing the UK.

Five former heads of Nato signed an open letter arguing that a British exit would “give succour to the West’s enemies”.

And 13 former US secretarie­s of state and defence and national security advisers said Europe would be “dangerousl­y weakened” by Britain leaving the EU.

They sounded the alarm following a decision by Downing Street to campaign on the issue this week as the debate ahead of the EU vote on June 23 intensifie­s. The letter from former Nato heads – including Lord Carrington and Lord Robertson – read: “At a time of such global instabilit­y... Brexit would undoubtedl­y... undermine Nato and give succour to the West’s enemies.”

But their warnings were last night dismissed as another attempt by the Remain campaign to scaremonge­r.

Former Tory defence secretary Liam Fox dismissed the warnings as out of date.

“A lot of those people are from a very different era to the one we are in now,” he said.

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