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He used to feel isolated, but now Brian’s the life and soul of the party


RIAN STEWART’S hearing problems started back in the ‘60s, but the proud grandad didn’t realise how bad things were until his wife persuaded him to have a test.

“My hearing loss started when I worked for the Ministry of Defence,” says Brian, 75. We were blowing things up all day without any ear protection. Over the years it got worse and worse until one day my wife said: ‘Go and get something done.’”

“So one day we were out shopping and we spotted our local Amplifon branch and my wife practicall­y pushed me through the door!”

From the moment Brian visited Amplifon, the experts dedicated to helping people hear better since 1950, he knew he was in good hands. “The staff were very sympatheti­c,” he says. “Nothing was pushed at me. Nobody tried to sell me my hearing back. The testing was good and the people who I dealt with were absolutely spot on with what they said. They didn’t make any promises and I was given a trial while I sat there and once I put those hearing aids in I just didn’t want to take them out. It’s that moment when you think: ‘My life’s back.’”

As Brian discovered, Amplifon offer the latest innovation­s when it comes to testing and fitting hearing aids. He’d already tried NHS hearing aids, but they didn’t give him the results he needed. Amplifon found a solution that was perfect for Brian and their aftercare was second to none. “I’ve had super service, really super,” he says. “Ben, my audiologis­t, is just a great guy. We talk about our kids, grandkids and everything else. We’ve got a great relationsh­ip and I trust him, which is the important thing for me.”

Brian found that the process of being fitted with his two discreet hearing aids was simple and stress-free – and he soon reaped the benefits. “A week later I went back to see Ben and he adjusted them and went through the cleaning procedure. The level of service is superb,” says Brian. “After my last visit I haven’t had to do a thing except clean them and change the batteries. I don’t need anything else, but I don’t mind popping in to share a coffee with Ben every two to three months. It’s reassuring to know I can go when I want, if I need anything.” Aftercare is important, so Amplifon offers a four-year warranty and up to four year’s free batteries, and customers like Brian never have to pay for further tests or servicing.

“We’ve got quite a few friends in Wales and we do a lot of partying, but the nice thing now is I’ll know what they’re saying. One of the big things I did find was slowly but surely isolating myself from conversati­ons in a big group because I could only hear somebody I was looking directly at, but now I’m completely comfortabl­e again,” he says.

With a big family and grandchild­ren ranging from two years old to 27, Brian’s relieved he can join in with the fun again. “Normal conversati­on has returned,” he says. “I just put my hearing aids into party mode and I can hear what people are saying. It’s lovely to hear my two-year-old grandson speaking and hearing my elder grandsons talk about drinking all my beer. Now I hear my kids say: ‘Shh, don’t say that – grandad can hear!’”

And Brian insists he would never be without his hearing aids. “I would fight to the death to keep them,” he says. “It’s like going back 30 years for me. I’m back in the family, whereas before I was gradually being squeezed out by my lack of hearing. I’m so glad I made that appointmen­t with Amplifon – since I’ve had these hearing aids, I feel like I’ve got my life back.”

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