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Brussels does not care about weakest in society


IAIN Duncan Smith has hit out at the EU describing it as a “force for social injustice” that benefits big companies and the rich while punishing the weakest in society. The former Work and Pensions Secretary is undoubtedl­y correct.

Just look at what the Brussels obsession with mass immigratio­n has done to this country. While businesses and wealthy individual­s enjoy the benefits of being able to employ huge numbers of cheap migrant workers Britons have faced a struggle to find work and seen their wages depressed.

And the burdens placed on our public services by years of mass migration have been disastrous for the people who need them most.

Meanwhile multinatio­nal corporatio­ns can hire expensive lobbyists to influence new EU regulation­s and have the clout to deal with endless Brussels red tape. With smaller firms unable to cope and forced to close they can take advantage of reduced competitio­n.

This is not a problem confined to Britain. In Greece the imposition of the euro has led to economic misery with the poorest suffering most. And across the continent it is not the rich whose neighbourh­oods have been overwhelme­d with huge numbers of new arrivals from the Middle East.

The unaccounta­ble Brussels bureaucrat­s have nothing but disdain for the fears and concerns of ordinary people. We are fortunate to be having a referendum here in Britain. We must take advantage of this opportunit­y and vote to leave the EU.

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