Daily Express

Madness of this male loo lobby


STUDENT activists are calling for the installati­on of sanitary towel disposal facilities for “men who menstruate”.

Sorry to be politicall­y incorrect but men cannot menstruate. It is a physical impossibil­ity. You need a uterus which has prepared itself for a fertilised egg to arrive and then finds there isn’t one. Men have neither wombs nor eggs and to pretend otherwise is the biology of the madhouse.

What the students really mean is they want this provision for a woman who wants to be a man or thinks she is already really a man or is in the process of medical treatment to become like a man but which has not yet reached the stage of eliminatin­g menstruati­on. Or in short a transgende­r man/woman/non-binary/ whatever other category may exist and will be mortally offended if I do not include it.

Surely the answer is just unisex loos?

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