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Doctor should not keep evil Brady’s confession secret


IF, as Dr Alan Keightley claims in revelation­s following your report about Ian Brady, the Moors murderer has revealed to him where he and his evil accomplice Myra Hindley buried the body of their missing victim, how can he reasonably justify not disclosing all relevant informatio­n to the police? (“Will Ian Brady ever reveal where he buried Keith Bennett?”, May 4).

The unrepentan­t serial killer has compounded and prolonged the agony of Keith Bennett’s family, particular­ly his mother Winnie, who died last year after 50 years pleading with Brady to reveal where he was buried.

In a case such as this, confidenti­ality and any perceived rights of the murderer should take second place to justice and the right of the victim’s family to have closure.

In failing to pass this informatio­n to the police until he has released a book on the matter, Dr Keightley is aiding and abetting Brady in twisting the knife in the hearts of Keith Bennett’s family. Robert Readman, Bournemout­h, Dorset

 ??  ?? HIDDEN: Moors murderer has no right to silence
HIDDEN: Moors murderer has no right to silence

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