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I worry about the beloved country I will leave behind


I HAVE been diagnosed with early lung cancer so in some respects the EU referendum will not affect me. However my love for my country has encouraged me to spend precious time expressing my views (“‘This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance...’”, May 10).

I think voters should work on the principle that if we have something worth selling, we shall sell it and if we want to buy something somebody will sell it to us. This applies equally whether we are inside or outside the EU.

Germany has failed to conquer Europe in two world wars. They now aim to gain control by diplomacy. The USA is only interested in itself but sees advantages in having to deal with only one president for one Europe.

Despite all the shouting, if we stay in the EU, restrictio­n of immigratio­n will be impossible.

If the EU was operated under strict financial controls it is possible that the savings made could have helped a lot in our recent financial crisis.

I could vote to stay in if there was a total financial reconstruc­tion of the EU and a move away from total integratio­n of all matters. Peter Nicholson, Spalding, Lincs

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