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Save up to £336* on your TV, home phone and internet service


People all over the UK could be saving hundreds of pounds simply by switching to a better monthly digital TV, broadband and home phone service. The good news is that free switching support services are here to help as they will make that switching process quick and hassle-free. that switching your TV, home phone and internet service will be a hassle!

We’ll put you in touch with a digital switching expert, who can search through over 11,000 deals in no time at all and recommend the perfect package for your home. Our digital switching experts will even arrange installati­on for you, and be on hand throughout the whole switching process. It’s so easy and most people are up and running within 3 weeks, with no interrupti­on to your TV, home phone and internet service!

The Express Digital Switching Service, provided by Simplify Digital, is an Ofcom accredited service. This means the choice we offer is comprehens­ive, our advice is extremely accurate and up to date, and it illustrate­s our commitment to giving you the very best independen­t advice. We only recommend the deal that’s right for you. You can be sure the advice we give will always be in your best interest.

If you just want to find out more about the latest available deals. Calling our service is completely free and there is no obligation to buy, so there’s no harm in giving us a call to find out if you could be saving up to £336 a year!

Charlie Ponsonby, CEO of Simplifydi­gital comments:

“Simplify Digital's independen­t experts are available for free not only to help you choose the best deal, but also to be on hand to make sure that your new services are installed with the minimum of fuss."

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