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Medicine: GPs Behind Closed Doors, 8pm, Channel 5

A woman in her 80s comes to see Dr Heather (left) tonight to discuss the fact that her breast cancer has spread to other parts of her body. Dr Shital meanwhile is revisited by a patient who thinks they have finally got to the bottom of the flatulence issue which has been causing problems at home. Finally, Dr Clare sees the remarkable octogenari­an Frederick – who seems completely unfazed by the recent news that he has prostate cancer.

Soap: Coronation Street, 7.30pm, ITV

With the intention of welcoming Carla to the family, Gail, Audrey, Kylie (Paula Lane, above left) and Bethany prepare a pampering party – but Sarah (Tina O’Brien, above right) doesn’t fancy it and takes drastic action to escape, ending up in hospital with baby Harry. Elsewhere, Phelan offers Jason some assistance in helping sell Tony’s property and Nick snaps at David for not organising a stag-do for him.

Documentar­y: Cunk On Shakespear­e, 10pm, BBC2

Philomena Cunk (left) will be familiar to those who have seen Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe. She’s on her own in this show, though, and despite knowing nothing about William Shakespear­e she fronts this comedic documentar­y about The Bard. In fairness to her she leaves no stone unturned as she sets out to piece together a picture of who Shakespear­e was and what made him the man he was. Cunk visits the great playwright’s birthplace, interviews six different experts – including actor Simon Russell Beale and Educating Yorkshire’s Matthew Burton – and examines priceless artefacts as she adds to her own personal Shakespear­ean knowledge.

Crime: Killer Women With Piers Morgan, 9pm, ITV

Erin Caffey (above left, with Piers Morgan) is serving time in Gatesville, Texas, for mastermind­ing the murder of her entire family. At the time of the crime she was 16 years of age and tonight Piers Morgan travels to America to meet Caffey and talks to her about her motives. Her father, Terry, survived the attack and offers his take on the harrowing events. NB: NOT IN EIRE

History: Mary Beard’s Ultimate Rome: Empire Without Limit, 9pm, BBC2

The third and penultimat­e instalment of this show sees presenter Mary Beard (right) take a look at citizenshi­p identity within the Roman Empire. What did it mean to be, or become, Roman? Beard traces the story of an African Roman who travelled from his native land to Britain. Later, on visits to York and Newcastle, she finds Roman remains but they are not exactly as you might imagine them to be.

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