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Pizza pervert pounced on girls’ night in

- By Paul Jeeves

SCHOOLFRIE­NDS enjoying a “girlie night in” were targeted by an asylumseek­er sex predator who was working as a pizza delivery driver.

After delivering their order Iranianbor­n Mohammed Shahab Mahboubian returned to the house and made sinister threats when he realised the three girls were home alone.

The 37-year-old, a married fatherof-two, then drove one of them, who was just 15, to a remote spot near Durham and molested her.

Mahboubian, who came to Britain seeking asylum five years ago, was jailed for seven-and-a-half years after admitting sexual assault.

A charge of rape has been allowed to “lie on the file” following his guilty plea to spare the girl the ordeal of having to give evidence in court.

His wife, who was in court alongside a number of relatives, gasped when he entered the plea after he had repeatedly told her he was innocent.

The Home Office will seek to extradite him once his sentence is served.

Durham Crown Court heard how after delivering the order Mahboubian returned and repeatedly hammered on the front door, ordering the girls to let him in.

When the door was answered he ordered one of the girls to “come for a ride in my car”. When the girl refused he warned: “If you don’t come for a ride, I’ll hurt you.”

His teenage victim was described in court as being “vulnerable due to developmen­t difficulti­es”. Mahboubian told her he was only going to drive up and down the road but when she got in he immediatel­y asked her age.

Robin Turton, prosecutin­g, said when she replied she was 15, he told her she was “too young for sex”.

However, he drove to a remote spot and kissed the child before indecently assaulting her.

When she told him her friends would be worried he dropped her back at the house. Meanwhile, one of her friends had called a family member who had called the police.

Mahboubian was arrested that night but refused to comment on what sexual activity had occurred.

Mr Turton said the girls picked him out in an ID parade and a neighbour had seen the girl get into the car.

Yet in a prepared statement handed to police by his legal aid lawyer Mahboubian initially denied the incident took place.

At earlier hearings Mahboubian, of Spennymoor, County Durham, denied two counts of sexual assault and one of rape during the incident on November 29, last year.

But on the day of his trial on Tuesday he admitted two counts of sexual assault.

Glenn Carrasco, mitigating, said that Mahboubian deserved credit because he “did drop the girl home”.

 ??  ?? Sex predator Mahboubian
Sex predator Mahboubian

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