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End immigratio­n madness with a vote to leave EU


HOW right Iain Duncan Smith is to say that it’s not extreme to want to have your democracy back (“‘EU has bashed the have-nots in Britain’”, May 11).

Under consecutiv­e government­s we have seen a deliberate policy of loosening immigratio­n to supply cheap labour that holds down the wages of UK nationals.

If we stay in the EU not only will the big corporate companies continue to demand this cheap labour, our sovereignt­y will be further eroded and our welfare system opened up to anyone.

Just imagine how much it will cost if Turkey joins the EU and their citizens have access to our welfare system.

The fact that David Cameron flew the white flag of surrender to Angela Merkel over his original argument for an emergency brake on immigratio­n proves that the EU has no interest in reforming.

Therefore the only way we can bring an end to this madness is by voting to leave the EU completely.

Geoffrey Brooking, Havant, Hants

 ??  ?? OUT: Duncan Smith says EU helps big business
OUT: Duncan Smith says EU helps big business

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