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are we too attached to our smartphone­s?



WHAT a sad indictment of society that 25 per cent of people cannot bear to be parted from their smartphone­s for even an hour (“Mobile phone hang-ups”, May 11).

And a lot of the others who were questioned must have been lying because I can’t believe the figure is only 25 per cent.

To see people in social settings fiddling with their phones is depressing. Don’t people talk to each other any more and can’t people bear to be bored?

The younger generation­s must wonder how we ever coped before mobile phones were invented. David Smith, Birmingham


LIKE Fergus Kelly I was annoyed that some of us are so attached to our smartphone­s and tablets that we get separation anxiety if parted from them.

However, when I really thought about it, my mobile phone goes everywhere with me and is even by my pillow at night as I use it as an alarm in the morning.

I wouldn’t say I can’t live without it but I do feel it is an essential part of my life just as I would never leave home without my keys.

And from a safety point of view I think a mobile is vital. It’s about getting the right balance. Lynne English, Wickford, Essex

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