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Renegotiat­ion has been exposed as a hollow farce


DESCRIBING the recent EU renegotiat­ions as a “meaningles­s farce” is spot on.

We appear to be governed by Germany and not by Brussels; they are mere civil servants.

What Stephen Pollard’s article does is cast a large shadow over the promises the Prime Minister made to the British people with his red line and his claim that if he did not get his way then he would vote to leave the EU.

Cameron used his British Museum speech to take up the patriotic angle, talking about the white headstones in the British cemeteries in France and other parts of the world.

And yet he could not even stand up against the German leader to defend this country in the face of Germany’s threats.

A patriot is a person who strongly supports their country and is prepared to defend it, as our military have done over many years against the Germans.

I very much doubt that similar patriotism can be labelled on our PM in his efforts to sell us down the line to EU control. John Sharp, Southampto­n

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