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NITH summer fast approachin­g get ready to maximise your independen­ce across tougher terrain with of the latest version of TGA’s larger folding scooter, the Maximo. The car boot scooter has brand new features, pneumatic tyres and responsive suspension.

The Maximo is max by name and max by nature with an impressive list of features. New for this summer, the latest Maximo comes with a new fully adjustable tiller and more supportive folding seat.

And the enhanced model will join TGA’s best-selling family of folding mobility scooters that continue to be a huge hit across the UK, offering the best of both worlds when it comes to transporta­bility and driveabili­ty.

The Maximo folds in seconds with just one hand and the 4-wheel mobility scooter offers a roomy, comfortabl­e ride while still being compact enough when folded to fit into your car boot. It comes with an ultra-lightweigh­t battery and a removable seat so lifting is strain-free, for ultimate ease it is available with a powered car boot hoist if preferred.

With the Maximo you don’t need to worry about hiring a scooter at your destinatio­n when you can take your very own with you on a plane, train or in the car. Easy to assemble, there are no parts or fiddly wires to connect. Just unfold and go so you get the maximum amount of time enjoying independen­ce further afield.

The Maximo is the first scooter of its kind to offer such high spec in a folding design and as with every TGA scooter it comes with all the quality after-sales support and servicing back-up you would expect from the market leader.

The tiller has a handy adjustment button at its base that is foot operated so your can position your neck, shoulders, arms and hands perfectly. The folding seat has extra cushions for greater support and also includes new-style ergo-armrests that are adjustable and fold down for easy access on and off the scooter.

These features are so important if you have conditions such as arthritis, Parkinson’s or have suffered a stroke so that you remain supple and can stretch out. With a totally relaxed driving position you will enjoy comfort all day and happily experience up to 12 miles of freedom at 4mph on a single battery charge.

THE Maximo is also ideal for owners weighing up to 21 stone. Strong, stable and safe to ride; bumps and bangs are smoothed out by its suspension and high-grade tyres. You can ask for each tyre to be injected with TGA’s proven puncture sealant.

Why wait for summer? Get on board a Maximo today and max up your independen­ce.

TGA Mobility and the folding Maximo at The Mobility Roadshow, May 26-28, Silverston­e Circuit, Northampto­nshire. Free and fully accessible, see mobilityro­adshow.co.uk

 ??  ?? FREEDOM: TGA’s Maximo runs for up to 12 miles at 4mph and folds away with ease
FREEDOM: TGA’s Maximo runs for up to 12 miles at 4mph and folds away with ease

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