I know the secrets of the af­ter­life

Psy­chic GOR­DON SMITH says 20 years com­mu­ni­cat­ing with the spirit world has given him a unique insight into what hap­pens when we die

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PSY­CHIC medium Gor­don Smith is used to talk­ing about death. Over the past 20 years he has given read­ings to the be­reaved, try­ing to con­nect them with loved ones whom they have lost.

His gift has led to him be­ing dubbed “Britain’s best psy­chic” and in 2004 the BBC even con­ducted a study into his abil­i­ties as part of a doc­u­men­tary.

Gor­don first con­nected with the su­per­nat­u­ral world as a child when he says spir­its would visit him and pass on in­for­ma­tion.

He spent his 20s work­ing as a hair­dresser, de­vel­op­ing his gift by giv­ing free read­ings to clients, earn­ing the name The Psy­chic Bar­ber.

He has helped thou­sands of peo­ple since and says the one ques­tion he al­ways gets asked is: What hap­pens to us when we die?

“The one thing I kept com­ing across again and again was a crip­pling fear of death,” says Gor­don, 53, who gives talks all over the world and has fans in Aus­tralia, Ja­pan and Amer­ica.

He tack­les this ques­tion and many more in his 15th book One Hun­dred An­swers From Spirit.

The an­swers in the book came out of ses­sions that in­volved sev­eral medi­ums ask­ing each other ques­tions while in a psy­chic trance.

“I started to record our chan­nelling ses­sions and kept the manuscript­s,” says Gor­don, who lives in Ar­gyll on the west coast of Scot­land.

“I had no idea what ques­tions would be asked dur­ing our meet­ings so my an­swers were al­ways spon­ta­neous and from the spirit.

“Once I was asked a ques­tion in Ger­man, a lan­guage I don’t speak, yet I un­der­stood and an­swered straight away.

“I have ded­i­cated my life to try to take the fear of death away from peo­ple. It seems that we are so scared of what hap­pens af­ter death that we for­get to live. Yet I have no fear of death and I live a happy life be­cause of it.”

Be­low, Gor­don gives his insight into what hap­pens when we die.


Since my early 20s I have been de­vel­op­ing my gift of medi­umship. Through this prac­tice I have had so many ex­pe­ri­ences with the spirit world that I have formed more than a be­lief in the af­ter­life. I know it ex­ists.

There were many times in my young life when spir­its vis­ited me, ei­ther in dreams or ac­tual ap­pear­ances, where they told me some­thing that was about to hap­pen or in some cases things that had al­ready hap­pened.

It was this in­for­ma­tion, which al­ways turned out to be true, that made me cer­tain that the dead were still in ex­is­tence some­where and that they had a bet­ter un­der­stand­ing of life than we did.

My view of the af­ter­life is that it is real and we will live on. How­ever I feel that each in­di­vid­ual will ex­pe­ri­ence their own idea or per­cep­tion of the spirit world in their own way, depend­ing on how ad­vanced their mind is at the point of cross­ing over.

It has taken so much fear out of my life to know that death is not the end. More than tak­ing away my fear of dy­ing it has helped take away my fear of liv­ing.


Of­ten af­ter near-death ex­pe­ri­ences peo­ple talk about the feel­ing of speed­ing through a tun­nel, trav­el­ling towards a light.

It might seem to the hu­man mind that it is in a state of high-speed travel when it first leaves the body.

How­ever it is more to do with the body chang­ing from phys­i­cal to spir­i­tual which causes the sense of ac­cel­er­a­tion.

The spirit body and the phys­i­cal body vi­brate at very dif­fer­ent fre­quen­cies and the tran­si­tion from phys­i­cal to spirit can pro­duce a rush­ing sen­sa­tion.

It will be dif­fer­ent for dif­fer­ent peo­ple and it will de­pend on what hap­pens when the per­son dies.

If the per­son has gone through the dy­ing process slowly, the spirit body will ad­just and there will be less of a sen­sa­tion of travel.

But in cases when the spirit body leaves the phys­i­cal body abruptly, then there might be the sense of height­ened speed.

No mat­ter how the spirit leaves the body there will be a mo­ment of light and seren­ity that will fol­low and a state of grace will en­sue there­after.


Yes, ev­ery spirit who re­turns to the spirit world will be greeted by a fa­mil­iar face. This fa­mil­iar spirit will help ad­just the vi­bra­tion of the re­turn­ing spirit un­til they are com­pletely com­fort­able with their sur­round­ings.

The guide is al­ways there and knows at ex­actly which mo­ment the spirit will re­turn to the af­ter­life so the spirit is never alone.

Even as you walk through the world you are never alone, your guide is al­ways present in the spirit world watch­ing over you, even if you do not know it.

It is im­por­tant for those who are com­ing back to the spirit world to know that their phys­i­cal ex­is­tence is at an end.

The sim­plest way to make this a gen­tle tran­si­tion is for those they know in the spirit world to be wait­ing for them, to bring them to a higher state of be­ing.


All of life is guided by a higher force, a spir­i­tual force that runs par­al­lel with what is hap­pen­ing on Earth. Many peo­ple never make a con­nec­tion with their spirit guide in their phys­i­cal life­time but the guide will not leave them.

Part of the role of the guide is to mon­i­tor the de­ci­sions and ac­tions car­ried out by the per­son in their hu­man life and to note how many lessons are truly be­ing learned.

The best way to get to know your spirit guide is first to get to know your­self.

When you learn to see your­self on a deeper level, you will be ready to open up and ac­cept there is a higher part of you that is con­nected to an­other spirit.

Be clear and truth­ful with your­self when it comes to your ac­tions and your thoughts.

When you have reached a point when you can con­trol, from a higher per­spec­tive, how you think and act, then you are tak­ing con­trol of your life.

When you start do­ing this, your spirit guide will be­come more ap­par­ent to you and its pres­ence will be felt in your life.

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ANGELIC REALM: Gor­don Smith says his be­lief in life af­ter death means that he is no longer afraid of dy­ing

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