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King blasts government poll tactics

- By John Ingham

THE Government’s conduct during the referendum campaign has been criticised by the former governor of the Bank of England.

Lord “Mervyn” King said the Treasury had been left in a “difficult position” after issuing a series of “exaggerate­d” forecasts about the impact of a vote for Brexit.

He denounced Chancellor George Osborne’s warning of an emergency budget with tax rises and spending cuts as the low point of the campaign that ultimately backfired on the Remain camp.

He told the BBC: “I think that was perhaps the nadir of the exaggerati­on. The idea that it makes sense now – or even in a year – to set a budget because of what may happen five, 10, 15 years down the road makes no sense.”

He said the Treasury was now faced with the prospect of having to withdraw forecasts which it issued during the campaign.

Lord King, who has not revealed which way he voted, said scaremonge­ring tactics had not worked and was deeply resented by the voters.

He added: “This was the most dispiritin­g campaign I can recall in my lifetime.”

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