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‘The only person who can break the log jam is Jeremy himself’


bench post complained: “The writing is on the wall eight metres high and if he can’t see it he needs to go to Specsavers. The only person who can break the log jam is Jeremy himself.

“This is a battle for the soul of the Labour Party.”

Tensions later spilled out into the open after Mr Corbyn’s aides briefed journalist­s that it was time for the MPs who were critical of him to stop their “whispering, corridor coup, backroom deal” as he was overwhelmi­ngly elected to be leader last year.

“If people want to change the leadership there is one way to do it – find a candidate and mount a challenge,” said one aide. Mr Corbyn has said he will stand again if a leadership contest was held.

Last night comments by party aides triggered a furious face-to-face clash in the corridor outside the meeting room.

MP John Woodcock accused the aides of briefing against MPs who had voiced their concerns for the party as well as giving journalist­s a “highly distorted” account of a supposedly private meeting. After the meeting,

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