Daily Express

Sam Cam showed us all a stiff upper lip


WHATEVER you think of her husband’s referendum gamble, you can’t have failed to be impressed by Samantha Cameron’s ramrod straight regal bearing throughout his resignatio­n speech. Only an impeccable upbringing instilling rigorous self-control and discipline equips an individual to put up with an ordeal so emotionall­y draining without fidgeting, snivelling or shifting miserably from foot to foot. We have seen the Royal Family endure heat, cold, boredom, illness and bereavemen­t without putting anything but their best foot forward. Samantha is cut from the same cloth. Her composure was magnificen­t. Her posture was flawless. She is built of stern stuff and put the rest of us squiggling, wriggling, hair-flicking, nose-touching, eye-dabbing shirkers to shame.

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