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Our lifelong love of certain pretty blooms


THE highlight of my weekend was a trip to Sandra at Kristal in London’s NW11 to discuss the wedding flowers for Daughter the Younger. The little bride wore roses in her hair and a floral skirt especially for the occasion.

I admit to being a tad partial and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. “I know what you like,” said Sandra sagely and pointed to tiny pale pink roses, snapdragon­s, ballerina-skirted and sweetly perfumed stocks.

“You’re exactly right,” said Saskia dreamily. “But how on earth do you know?”

Sandra replied: “Young lady, never forget, I did the flowers for your bat mitzvah.”

Dear reader, that happy occasion was a full 15 years ago so what have we learned? Once an antirrhinu­m fan, always an antirrhinu­m fan? Do we fall in love with certain flowers as children and love those very same varieties our whole lives long? I remember a magnolia grandiflor­a hovering over my pram. I’ve been besotted by the waxy, stately blooms ever since.

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