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Britain holds all the aces now we are out of the EU


MACER Hall’s article highlights Brussels’s arrogant bully boy stance. They need to be reminded those days are well and truly over (“Dash to seal Brexit deal”, June 27).

Perhaps an initial letter to President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker in the style of, “Now that we are leaving the EU, the UK will decide on how you (the EU) will trade with us. Similarly the EU must decide on how the UK will trade with yourselves.

“We, the UK, propose a bilateral tariff-free trading arrangemen­t between the UK and the remaining members of the EU. This arrangemen­t will contain no conditions relating to free movement of citizens.

“If the EU members cannot reach agreement for such an arrangemen­t then the EU will need to export all its products to the UK under non-discrimina­tory World Trade Organisati­on tariffs. We look forward to your full cooperatio­n on setting up this agreement.” That sets the scene for how we’ll carry out negotiatio­ns.

Les Birt, Churchstow, Devon

 ??  ?? YESTERDAY’S MAN: Jean-Claude Juncker
YESTERDAY’S MAN: Jean-Claude Juncker

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