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Ten things you never knew about... perfection


Mathematic­ally, today’s date 28/6 could be said to be the most perfect day of the year as 6 and 28 are both perfect numbers. 1. A number is said to be perfect if it is exactly equal to the sum of the smaller numbers that divide it exactly: 6=1+2+3, 28=1+2+4+7+14. 2. 6 and 28 are the first two perfect numbers. The next three are 496, 8,128 and 33,550,336. 3. It is not known if there are any odd perfect numbers but if there are they are more than 1,500 digits long. 4. The only film with the word “perfect” in its title to win an Oscar was Perfect Strangers (1945)... 5. ...it won the award for Best Original Story and also saw the debut (uncredited) of Roger Moore. 6. The King James Bible contains the words “perfect” or “perfection” a total of 94 times but “imperfect” and “imperfecti­on” are not there at all. 7. Aristotle defined three types of perfection: being complete; attaining its purpose; or being so good that nothing can be better. 8. “The perfect love affair is one that is conducted entirely by post.” (George Bernard Shaw). 9. Atelophobi­a is an anxiety disorder characteri­sed by fear of imperfecti­on. 10. “If someone is too perfect, they won’t look good. Imperfecti­on is important.” (Eric Cantona).

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