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Sturgeon only accepts will of people when she wins


FIRST Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon wants urgent talks with Brussels to, “Protect Scotland’s place in the EU” after the Brexit vote. In what capacity, as a casual observer? She has no mandate or power to negotiate no matter how often she repeats it.

For Sturgeon and others it seems democracy applies only when they win. She accepted the 2015 vote when 50 per cent of the turnout didn’t vote SNP. About 1.4 million did, a tad more than half of Greater Manchester’s population.

I don’t like her but I accept she won so what’s her issue? Why does she want to ditch the union and system that put her in power to hitch up to a bigger union that did not? Is she really so petty she’d let her dislike of England dictate a great nation’s political future? Brian Metcalfe,


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