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Daily Express called the result right from the start


WHEN I found out we’ve actually got our country back, I felt like pinching myself.

I never thought it would happen in my lifetime but one should never underestim­ate the British people (a problem that affects many in the political establishm­ent).

I shall never take notice of polls ever again. Other newspapers reported that Remain were leading easily but those newspapers focused on London and ignored the rest of this great country.

How foolish those smug publicatio­ns appear now. I’ve been reading the Daily Express since I was a teenager 30 years ago and will continue as long as I can. Your columnists are the best.

I’ve lived in the UK for 46 years and I have never felt so proud to call myself British as I do today; a great new era awaits this country.

Pierre Caspersz, Wembley, Gtr London

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