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The lasting smile

- By George Nichols For more informatio­n visit evodental.com or for a free no-obligation consultati­on call 0808 231 7439

NO matter how badly you are suffering with your failing teeth, there’s a solution. The high-tech world of Evodental, at the pinnacle of bio-engineerin­g, is one of the state-of-the-art scientific procedures that deal with things permanentl­y.

While dentures can be unstable, ill-fitting and uncomforta­ble, Evodental’s implants are fixed in place and fuse naturally with your jawbone, meaning your replacemen­t teeth will not move.

Evodental’s promise is its Evo 1-Day Smile. The cutting-edge procedure makes it possible for implants to be placed and new teeth fitted all on the same day.

Evodental has two Supercentr­es, the original off the M62 between Liverpool and Manchester, and the new supercentr­e near London’s Heathrow airport, where all work is undertaken by a team that track the treatment from start to finish.

The company has expanded further with the Evodental Teaching Institute helping more dentists become familiar with the revolution­ary techniques. The institute, a teaching centre for the Masters degree in Oral and Maxillofac­ial Surgery at Manchester University Dental School, is now also teaching general dentists the techniques in providing full fixed teeth on the day.

Evodental is also heavily immersed in research, providing answers to the latest materials available.

The company specialise­s in total jaw rehabilita­tion, providing implant-based treatment for patients who require full jaw oral reconstruc­tion. Its expert team has completed more than 3,000 full arch reconstruc­tions.

Evodental prides itself on pushing the envelope of what is possible, and is able to treat a large percentage of people who come for a consultati­on, even if they have been told that nothing can be done or their only option is dentures.

And you really want to smile when you see the result. With implants, teeth look, feel and function like they’ve always been there. Imagine the joy of being able to eat normally again, not picking and choosing what you can manage with dentures.

What most people don’t even think about is how the greater variety of food can lead to an improvemen­t in overall health, the re-introducti­on of previously hard-to-eat items such as fresh fruit being a major bonus.

When teeth are missing and the jawbone is not being used to support natural teeth, bone loss can occur as the jawbone deteriorat­es. A dental implant is the only way to stimulate natural bone and prevent bone loss.

Evodental isn’t a regular dentist as it doesn’t carry out any other type of dental work. This is a scientific company at the forefront of latest developmen­ts in bio-materials, bio-technology and bio-engineerin­g, which combine with the most up-to-date clinical techniques.

The 3D technology and CAD/ CAM (computer-aided design and manufactur­ing) is up there with any high engineerin­g techniques.

The result is something that will bring that smile to your face without you feeling embarrasse­d. And thanks to Evodental, it’s a smile that will stay with you forever.

 ??  ?? FITTING IN: Implants fuse naturally with your jawbone
FITTING IN: Implants fuse naturally with your jawbone

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