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Calming those gut reactions


IF you want to lose weight, improve your skin, and stop getting sick – focus on your gut. A healthy gut plays a central role in the immune system and helps to improve the body’s overall health and wellness. In the modern age, we are affected by more toxic sources than ever before which has a detrimenta­l effect on overall health.

Our guts are unable to filter the impurities from additives, allergens, flavouring­s, artificial colouring, sweeteners and preservati­ves. Not to mention the contributi­ng factors of air and water pollution, unhealthy lifestyles and antibiotic­s and drugs with toxic side effects. As a result, we get a variety of symptoms that tell us our gut is unhappy, including diarrhoea, bloating, stomach pain, indigestio­n and allergies.

There is a solution to help with an overloaded gut that is causing health issues – drug-free Enterosgel is composed of organic minerals and free from preservati­ves, gluten and sugar. It helps to gently cleanse the gut of harmful substances and regenerate the intestinal wall.

Working like a “clever sponge” it travels through the digestive system, adsorbing endotoxins, pathogens, viruses (rotavirus, norovirus) and allergens, and removing them naturally from the body. Enterosgel selectivel­y absorbs only harmful medium-sized molecules, leaving beneficial substances such as calcium, vitamins, minerals and water untouched.

That is why it is suitable for long-term use and safe for children and adults, including pregnant and breast-feeding mums.

Ara, a 54-year-old physical therapist from Henley-on-Thames, said: “After a particular stressful period in my life I developed eczema patches on my face. I have always suffered from problems with loose stools and bloating, which started to get worse. I developed a nasty reflux, heartburn and upper gastrointe­stinal pain.

“I started taking Enterosgel three to four times a day after reading about it on the Gut support forum.

“Within a week I started to get less gastric discomfort, my stools normalised and then I realised that I hadn’t had any hives. My reflux and heartburn were disappeari­ng, too. My tests


and gastroscop­y results have shown unbelievab­le improvemen­t and reduced inflammati­on in my large intestine.”

Enterosel can also be used to help stop diarrhoea, reduce or prevent toxic and allergic reactions, relieve symptoms of indigestio­n, help to restore beneficial intestinal flora, protect the gastrointe­stinal mucous membrane and promote healing of its lesions, and reduces the toxic load on the liver and kidneys.

It is also recommende­d by World Health Organisati­on specialist­s as a first aid in cases of food poisoning, which makes it a must-have for travellers.

Enterosgel is available from Boots, LloydsPhar­macy, Holland & Barrett, chemists and health stores in sachets or tubes, from £12.80. For more informatio­n visit enterosgel.co.uk

 ??  ?? INSIDE OUT: Enterosgel helps to gently cleanse the body
INSIDE OUT: Enterosgel helps to gently cleanse the body
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