Don’t fall over your­selves to help the phone ad­dicts

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AN at­trac­tive wa­ter fea­ture that has en­hanced the More Lon­don de­vel­op­ment near Tower Bridge for the last 15 years has been bricked up over con­cerns that peo­ple en­grossed on their mo­bile phones could trip over it and in­jure them­selves (“City bricks up wa­ter fea­ture to save phone ad­dicts fall­ing into it”, June 14).

So we are all to be de­prived of an at­trac­tive ad­di­tion to the en­vi­ron­ment be­cause some morons are too busy on their mo­bile phones to look where they are go­ing? What next, re­move all lamp posts, tele­graph poles, lit­ter bins, benches, flower dis­plays, memo­ri­als and stat­ues to pro­tect these id­iots?

Robert Read­man, Bournemouth, Dorset

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