Ten things you never knew about... beer

To­day is Beer Day Bri­tain, which has been cel­e­brated an­nu­ally on June 15 since 2015. You can find out all about it at beer­daybri­tain.co.uk.


1. The date of June 15 was cho­sen as that was the day in 1215 when the Magna Carta was agreed. 2. Clause 35 of the Magna Carta stated: “Let there be through­out our king­dom a sin­gle mea­sure for wine and a sin­gle mea­sure for ale”. 3. The Pana­grel­lus re­di­vivus worm or “beer mat ne­ma­tode” is often found liv­ing in moist beer­mats. 4. The phrase “small beer” mean­ing some­thing of lit­tle im­por­tance was orig­i­nally ap­plied in the 15th cen­tury to in­fe­rior or low-al­co­hol beer. 5. Canned beer was in­tro­duced to the UK in 1935 by the Felin­foel Brew­ery in Wales. 6. The ring-pulls we have on beer cans to­day were first in­tro­duced in the UK in 1990. 7. In 2009, MPs in­clud­ing for­mer LibDem leader Men­zies Camp­bell sup­ported an Early Day mo­tion to wel­come Na­tional Cask Ale Week. 8. In the Old Tes­ta­ment, both the Book Of Judges and the Book Of Num­bers men­tion a well called Beer, “whereof the Lord spake unto Moses”. 9. These are the only men­tions of beer or ale in the Bi­ble. 10. The world record for drink­ing a litre of beer is 1.3 sec­onds. For three pints it is 31 sec­onds.

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