Bit­ter truth of fes­tive sweet treats

Daily Express - - For Brexit - By Ruki Sayid

THE se­cret is out of the box – taste testers have lifted the lid on why our favourite tins of choco­lates are packed with the least pop­u­lar va­ri­eties.

Con­sumer watch­dog Which? found that there are twice as many of the sweets we prefer to let oth­ers pick first.

Straw­berry De­light and Orange Creme are the last to go in a tub of Qual­ity Street with 10 and nine each, com­pared with just five of top choice The Pur­ple One.

And there are just two Tof­fee Pen­nies in a Green Tri­an­gle Pur­ple One Orange Creme Fudge

Caramel Swirl Tof­fee Finger Straw­berry De­light Milk Choc Block Tof­fee Penny Twix



Bounty Mal­teser Teaser Milky Way Galaxy Caramel Snick­ers 720g tub, com­pared with six fudge sweets and six Co­conut Eclairs. And while Hazel in Caramel were the top Cad­bury Roses choice for a third, there are only five in a 660g tub. Cad­bury He­roes were found to have too many Eclair sweets – 12 in a 660g tub – but just nine Wis­pas.

The sur­vey of 1,000 adults found 650g tubs of Mars Cel­e­bra­tions struck the best bal­ance, with an equal num­ber of Mal­teser Co­conut Eclair Orange Crunch Tof­fee Deluxe Teaser, Bounty, Galaxy and Galaxy Caramel chocs – 10 each. Which? Mag­a­zine ed­i­tor Harry Rose said: “It’s not your fam­ily’s fault that your favourite flavours dis­ap­pear from the tub so quickly.”

Qual­ity Street maker Nes­tle said the chocs were put into three sec­tions – fruit creams, choco­lates and caramel/fudge

– with each cat­e­gory mak­ing up one-third of the to­tal. A spokesman said: “Each tub is broadly split into thirds along these lines, which is why you will get more sweets like Hazel Whirl Straw­berry Dream Coun­try Fudge Sig­na­ture Truf­fle Golden Bar­rel Cof­fee Es­cape Hazel in Caramel Caramel the Straw­berry De­light, which is one of only two fruit creams and fewer of The Pur­ple One or Green Tri­an­gle, which are just two of the five, mainly cho­co­late based sweets.”

Cad­bury ad­mit­ted there could be “mi­nor de­vi­a­tions” but said the mix for Roses and He­roes tubs were “specif­i­cally hand-picked” and re­viewed reg­u­larly. Cel­e­bra­tions owner Mars Wrigley Con­fec­tionery UK said: “Ev­ery year we en­joy see­ing the de­bates rage about the na­tion’s favourite Cel­e­bra­tions. The ran­dom mix makes it per­fect for shar­ing.” Dairy Milk Chunk Fudge

Dairy Milk Creme Egg Wispa Cho­co­late Eclair Twirl


Cof­fee Es­cape Caramel Bites Tangy Orange Creme Straw­berry Dream Sig­na­ture Truf­fle Caramel Bite

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