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Ian Wright screams for mummy

- By Mark Jefferies

IAN Wright screamed “Mummy” during the latest Bushtucker Trial as he and Jacqueline Jossa won the maximum 12 meals.

In Crevice of Cruelty the football legend, 56, had to find hidden stars in a tunnel and pass them up to the 27-year-old actress in another tunnel on top in just 12 minutes.

Ian waded through Aussie crayfish called yabbies and successful­ly untied two stars on a rope and passed them up to Jacqueline, who squealed when green ants crawled over her and nipped her.

The former Arsenal striker then endured toads while up above the former EastEnder had to contend with crickets. Again the stars were tied to a rope so he untied them and passed them up.

“Come on Ian, I’m the Tomb Raider here,” she shouted to her fellow celebrity.

Jacqueline screamed when she faced the third section as it contained spiders, her worst nightmare.

“Come on Jac, you can do this man,” she shouted to herself and stormed into that part of the tunnel. Underneath, water dragons were guarding the two stars in Ian’s tunnel. They were trapped in a cage and he had to move them along before he could pass them up to Jacqueline. He managed to get one but took longer for the second and was screaming and shouting “Mummy”, causing hosts Ant and Dec to break out into hysterics.

Jacqueline shouted: “I don’t want to be in here,” and chanted Ian’s name but he continued to scream, saying: “I’m trying, I’m trying,” until he eventually collected the stars, meaning six meals for camp.

In the next section, Ian had to avoid the water pythons. He slowly manoeuvred the three stars available and passed them up to Jacqueline as time ran out.

In the final section, Jacqueline gently moved around four large carpet pythons so she could receive the three outstandin­g stars.

Ian’s contained crocodiles and he squealed: “What are you people doing to me?” as he released the stars one by one. He clambered out before realising he had left Jacqueline behind. He went back down to find her and the two emerged victorious for the camp.

Last night a live trial was to be based on Love Island, with parts of the ITV dating show reconstruc­ted in the jungle.

However, this Bushtucker Trial was still set to feature scary critters.

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 ??  ?? Ian Wright, screams for his mum as Ant and Dec laugh
Ian Wright, screams for his mum as Ant and Dec laugh
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