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The Tory promise: after Brexit... like a

- By Sam Lister and Macer Hall

BRITAIN can roar ahead like a lion released from a cage if Brexit can be delivered at last, Boris Johnson’s General Election manifesto promised last night.

Writing in the introducti­on to the 59-page Tory policy document, he said: “For the last three-and-ahalf years this country has felt trapped, like a lion in a cage.

“Get Brexit done and we can focus on the priorities of the British people, funding the NHS and tackling the cost of living.

“Get Brexit done and we can release that lion from its cage and take this amazing country forward.”

Here the Daily Express outlines the Conservati­ve proposals.


Resolving the Brexit deadlock and pulling the country out of the EU by January 31 is the top priority.

The document also pledges that the UK’s transition out of Brussels regulation­s, including free movement, will last no longer than the end of next year.


The manifesto says: “We believe that the best way to improve the NHS and meet rising demand is to invest in its most important asset – its people.”

Key policies: 50,000 more nurses supported by the reintroduc­tion of a bursary for students, 6,000 more doctors and 6,000 more primary care profession­als.

Spending pledges: £3.3billion a year more for nurse recruitmen­t, training and retention; £2.5billion more for GP appointmen­ts and £3.8billion for free hospital car parking.


The manifesto says: “We will build cross-party consensus to bring

aforward an answer that solves the problem and stands the test of time.”

Key policies: Extra cash to fund more care staff and better facilities, urgent talks with other parties to agree protection for homeowners. Spending pledges: £1billion extra funding annually for four years for extra workers and better infrastruc­ture, £74million over three years for community care for people with learning disabiliti­es.


The manifesto says: “A majority Conservati­ve Government will deliver a package of measures designed to ensure that it always pays to work, while doing everything we can to protect and support those who cannot.”

Key policies: A triple-lock guarantee that income tax, National Insurance and VAT will not rise during the next parliament. The NI threshold will increase to £9,500 next year with the aim of pushing it up to £12,500 – giving workers an extra £500 a year.

Spending pledges: £9.1billion for raising the National Insurance threshold, £95million for reducing employer NI contributi­ons and £350million for cutting business rates.


The manifesto says: “We will protect the British people at home and abroad and also ensure that the democratic rights of people in Gibraltar, the Falklands and all our overseas territorie­s are protected.” Key policies: Continuing to exceed the Nato target of spending two per cent of GDP on defence and increasing it by at least 0.5 per cent above inflation every year. Spending pledges: An extra £2.2billion for the Armed Forces.


The manifesto says: “Conservati­on is at the heart of Conservati­sm.

Our Government’s stewardshi­p of the natural environmen­t, its focus on protecting the countrysid­e and reducing plastic waste, is a source of immense pride.”

Key policies: Cutting greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050, lower utility bills by improving the energy efficiency of homes. Spending pledges: £640million for a Nature for Climate fund, £9.2billion for energy efficiency.


The manifesto says: “As Conservati­ves, we believe absolutely in equality of opportunit­y – the idea that every child, in every

 ?? Picture: JEFF OVERS/BBC ?? Brave face… Lib Dem leader on TV yesterday
Picture: JEFF OVERS/BBC Brave face… Lib Dem leader on TV yesterday
 ??  ?? Pledges...the Tory Party manifesto
Pledges...the Tory Party manifesto

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