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Spy boss: PM Corbyn would be ‘danger to UK’

- By Sam Lister

FORMER MI6 boss Sir Richard Dearlove branded Jeremy Corbyn a danger to national security yesterday, urging voters not to risk putting him into No 10.

Sir Richard said the Labour leader had embraced Britain’s enemies and was unfit to lead the country.

The retired spy chief, who spent 38 years in the intelligen­ce service, said Mr Corbyn would pose a “present danger to our country” if he had access to top-secret files.

He wrote: “In the home of parliament­ary democracy, we are faced with the possibilit­y that a leader of the Labour Party who once preferred East Germany’s political and economic model of government could become prime minister.

“A nightmare, the stuff of fantasy? Unfortunat­ely not.

“Do not even think of taking the risk of handing this politician the keys to No 10.”

Sir Richard highlighte­d Mr Corbyn’s advisers Andrew Murray – a former member of Britain’s Communist Party – and Seumas Milne, who “kept company with extremist political movements”. He wrote: “Corbyn, Murray and Milne have at times each denigrated their own country and embraced the interests of its enemies and opponents. “Their record is not in question.

“A few Labour politician­s have courageous­ly spoken out against them but it is worrying that more have not done so.”

Sir Richard said it was vital that every voter “understand­s who they would be voting for”.

He added: “Corbyn and his closest associates are compromise­d by their past.”

 ??  ?? Warning...Sir Richard Dearlove
Warning...Sir Richard Dearlove

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