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Numbers finally come up in PPI claim

- By MAISHA FROST ● Mike’s name has been changed

HIS PPI claim money is finally coming home but it took some sleuthing from Crusader to track down what had really happened to a consumer’s missing payout.

We were as puzzled as Mike Bagwell was when he first came to us with a tale of delighted surprise that turned to deep disappoint­ment.

He was among the last minute millions to complain before the August 29 deadline (see below right for possible exemptions).

PPI was designed to cover loan repayments when policy holders fell ill or lost their jobs. But banks and lenders mis-sold policies to people who did not need them or would not be covered.

Mike’s claim was to his credit card provider and he explained: “I had little hope but gave it a go.”

Claimants have been able do it themselves for free, Mike however elected to go through a claims management third party that takes a commission when successful.

His choice, Claim Hunters, is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, giving customers extra protection. All went smoothly when he filed the details online last summer and in August there was the good news that he would get more than £1,000 back. In the standard way his cheque was to be issued by his credit card provider, sent to Claim Hunters who would forward it.

But the only things that

THE Financial Ombudsman advises that if your PPI policy was sold after August 29, 2017 or your complaint is about a claim being turned down by an insurer, you may also be able to submit a complaint to the business if you can clearly show exceptiona­l circumstan­ces as to why you missed the deadline. To find out more visit: www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/ faqs/questions-about-ppi/can-look-complaints-ppinow-deadline-passed

arrived were demands that Mike pay Claim Hunters its fee.

When he protested, he was told the first recorded delivery letter sent had been refused by someone at his home and a second cheque would be posted.

But that didn’t turn up either. “There is usually someone at home and we’ve had no notice of any delivery attempt.

“We aren’t avoiding paying,” insisted Mike, concerned when he had asked for but not received a tracking number.

With Claim Hunters just as

adamant, but agreeing his claim had been successful and then supplying Crusader with a tracking number, this looked as if lengthy investigat­ions were in store.

But then Mike recalled confusion over his address. We asked Claim Hunters to review his details and got a result.An original mistype by Mike of his house number was corrected in October but the first one remained the main one on his file.

A third cheque should be with him shortly.

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