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Stars visited Poch to say goodbye

- By Darren Lewis

HARRY KANE has revealed Tottenham’s players went to Mauricio Pochettino’s home to console him after he was sacked.

But Kane, left, has been gagged by the club from explaining how he found out about the shock news last Tuesday. He just said: “They’ve asked me not to talk about it.”

But he added: “I went round his house and caught up with him the next day. It was a shock for everyone, so I wanted to go and see him and we had a chat for a couple of hours, and it was nice to do that before the new manager came in.”

Team-mate Eric Dier added: “We found out that night [through the club] and obviously it was quite emotional.

“It was important for everyone to be able to go to see him. I spoke with him and it was good to be able to do that.”

Pochettino spent five and a half years at Spurs during which time Kane has became Tottenham’s main striker and replaced Wayne Rooney as England’s leading man.

Kane added: “It has been a week I’ve never really had in my career before. A big shock on Tuesday night for everyone, the players included.

“Then it was a quick turnaround – all of a sudden we got a new manager, one of the best managers there has been in the game. So you have to automatica­lly turn your head towards that and focus on the game.

“Obviously there was a lot of emotion, a lot of energy, but since the gaffer came in it was all about, ‘Just prepare for Saturday, get yourselves ready – you don’t have to impress me on days one and two, just run about a bit’.

“So it was about going out there and performing – and thankfully we got the win.”

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