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1 Longest musical note now in common use, equal in length to 2 minims or 4 crotchets (9)

6 See 10

10 and 6 Person wielding power or influence without holding an official position; from a nickname of Cardinal Richelieu’s private secretary Père Joseph (1577–1638) (8,5) 11 Cartilagin­ous external part of the ear, also called the pinna (7)

12 Ring name of US wrestler and actor Terry Gene Bollea, born in 1953 (4,5)

13 and 33 down Austrian composer whose works include the operas Wozzeck (1925) and Lulu (1937) (5,4)

15 Lateen-rigged Arab sailing vessel with one or two masts, common in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean (4)

16 Plant genus in the family Ranunculac­eae to which the globeflowe­rs belong (8)

17 River of SW Asia that supplies the Dead Sea with most of its water (6)

20 Room or cage in which trained hawks are kept, especially when moulting (3)

22 Tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and the most frequently occurring in the Scriptures (3) 25 Sea nymph who bore Achilles to the hero Peleus (6)

26 Jomo ___, Prime Minister (1963) and first President (1964-78) of Kenya (8)

29 Long straight Highland dagger traditiona­lly hung from a leather belt strap called a frog (4) 30 Monetary unit of Iceland worth one hundredth of a krona (5)

31 Principal red grape variety blended with the white Chardonnay when making champagne (5,4)

34 Patron saint of music, martyred in the 2nd or 3rd century AD; feast day, 22 November (7) 35 Edible item, especially a vegetable; from Latin, ‘good to eat’ (8)

36 State of the north-eastern US bordering the Canadian provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick (5)

37 1984 crime thriller film starring Clint Eastwood and Geneviève Bujold (9)


2 19th-century English author and poet who wrote under the pseudonym Ellis Bell (5,6) 3 Small coloured dot worn on the forehead by Indian women, especially married Hindus (5) 4 ‘This other ___, demi-paradise’ (Shakespear­e Richard II (1595) act 2, sc. 1, l. 42) (4) 5 Burrowing invertebra­te animal of the phylum Annelida to which the adjective lumbricoid relates (9)

6 Scandinavi­an dish of dry-cured salmon marinated in salt, sugar and dill (7) 7 Name by which Ho Chi Minh City was officially known until 1976 (6)

8 Outer part of a flower, consisting of the calyx (sepals) and corolla (petals) (8) 9 Richard ___, US physicist noted for his research on quantum electrodyn­amics; Nobel Prize for Physics (1965) with Julian Schwinger and Shin’ichiro Tomonaga (7)

14 Large Indian antelope whose name means ‘blue bull’ in Hindi; Boselaphus tragocamel­us (6) 15 English version of the Bible translated from the Latin Vulgate in the early 17th century (5) 18 Immature female germ cell that develops into an ovum after meiotic division (6)

19 2019 horror film adapted from a Stephen King novel, starring Ewan McGregor and Rebecca Ferguson (6,5)

21 Any predatory marine gastropod mollusc of the family Buccinidae, having a strong snaillike shell (5)

23 Port city near Rotterdam in the SW Netherland­s, in South Holland province (9) 24 Room in a Christian church in which sacred objects such as vessels and vestments are kept (8)

25 City on the north bank of the Pánuco River in E Mexico, 6 miles (10 km) from the Gulf of Mexico (7)

27 Flammable hydrocarbo­n gas of the alkane series used as a bottled fuel, occurring in oil and natural gas (7)

28 Capital of the state of Nagaland in north-east India, originally named Kewhira (6) 32 Berkshire town whose name is derived from the Old English for ‘eastern cottage’ (5) 33 See 13 Across

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