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The versatile Gtech Pro K9 combines high performanc­e cordless cleaning with hygienic low maintenanc­e


Profession­ally cordless

The Gtech Pro K9 is powered by a 22V profession­al grade Lithiumion battery, which runs for up to 40 minutes* and recharges in just 4 hours. An LED display shows you the charge level. The battery can be recharged 1,000 times while retaining at least 88% of its rated capacity, providing a design life of over 19 yearsΔ.

Multi surface cleaning

Gtech’s unique AirLOC system cleans large debris from your fl oor surface on the forward stroke, and collects dirt from crevices and deep inside carpets on the backward stroke. It instantly glides from carpets to hard fl oors and has no settings to change.


The Pro K9 instantly converts to a handheld vacuum for above the fl oor cleaning. It comes complete with tools for cobwebs, curtains, stairs, sofas and upholstery. The Pro K9 can also be used to clean mattresses and is great for the car.

Low maintenanc­e

The Gtech Pro K9 is very easy to maintain. The bag is the fi lter, so every time you fi t a new bag you’re fi tting a brand new fi lter. Bags are very easy to fi t; you lift the Pro K9’ s lid and the bag pulls easily off its rubber seal. You simply push a new bag on and you’re ready to go. The bags are rip- resistant and cost just £ 14.99 for 10. You can expect 10 bags to last a year if you have pets and do a lot of cleaning, and

2 years for average homes**.

There’s more informatio­n about the facts and fi gures given in this advert at gtech. co. uk/ gtechpro. html in the Performanc­e verifi cation data section.

“I am very pleased with my gtech K9 and would recommend it I have a very large Labrador who sheds a lot of hair on my carpets, and a cocker spaniel grand dog however the gtech gets rid of these beautifull­y.”

“Love it! Really happy with my recent purchase. I have a lot of wood fl ooring and wanted a vacuum that was quick and easy to use. The battery lasts long enough to wizz around the whole house and the extra tools are great for getting into hard to reach spaces.”

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