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Rare ‘pearl’ foal could be golden child

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THESE adorable pictures show what is believed to be Britain’s first “double pearl” baby foal taking his first steps.

Pearl is one of the rarest colour traits in horses, with a “single pearl” giving a beautiful pale golden colour.

A much rarer “double pearl” is created when the pearl gene is passed on from both parents, and results in a deep golden coat in adulthood.

This Spanish colt foal – which is yet to be named – was born to a single pearl mother and a double pearl father.

Judging by its colour at birth, experience­d breeder Sarah Sutton believes it has inherited both genes and is therefore the UK’s first double pearl.

She has sent a lock of the colt’s hair to be DNA tested. Sarah, 45, who runs Orchid Stud near Yeovil, Somerset, said: “It’s just such a great thing to happen amongst the gloom in the news.

“I sent his hair for a DNA test to see whether he is a double pearl which is very, very rare.

“He’s at least a single pearl which means he’ll have a lovely golden coat.

“If I’m not watching the news I’m watching him on a camera.

“I haven’t given him a name yet but I want something related to gold.”

The foal, seen with his seven-year-old mother Hidalga, was born on March 11.

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