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Potter gold by novice Beatrix sells for £213,000

War hero, 104 dies as nation hails VE Day

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A RARE early image of Peter Rabbit having his coat buttoned by his mother was among the Beatrix Potter gems that have sold for £213,000.

She drew it in 1894

– seven years before publishing the tale.

The collection, all created before

Potter found fame as an author, included an eight-page letter sent to her cousin Molly Gaddum in 1897.

It features illustrati­ons of characters from one of Potter’s favourites, The Owl And The

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Pussy-Cat by Edward Lear. In total, 20 of Potter’s original drawings and letters were sold online by American Doyle Auctions.

The house’s Peter Costanzo said: “Part of the charm of this early period is that Potter did not intend to publish books for children. This was one of the finest collection­s of early Beatrix Potter artwork and it represente­d a rare opportunit­y for collectors.”

A WAR veteran aged 104 who died as the 75th anniversar­y of VE Day dawned would have been pleased at the timing, say his proud family.

Vinton Hall was a former major in the Royal Engineers, fighting in the Second World War and serving in Burma.

He returned home to his family in Exeter where he helped play a part in rebuilding the country including designing the city’s civic centre as the local authority’s chief architect. He often watched commemorat­ion events for the war on TV but never discussed details of his own experience­s.

His adoring family included wife of 77 years Dorothy Hall, their daughter Lynda Hore, 71, and grandchild­ren Jacqui Bull, 46, and Steven Hore, 48.

Vinton and Dorothy were also great-grandparen­ts to two greatgrand­children, Abigail, 17, and Toby,

Charlotte Penketh-King

16. He became a widower when Dorothy died at the age of 100 in July 2019 and moved to a care home in Bodmin two months ago.

Vinton died early in the morning of the 75th anniversar­y of VE Day on Friday. Lynda, Jacqui and Steven could only say their goodbyes through the care home window on Thursday.

Jacqui said: “My mum, my brother and myself went to visit him through his open bedroom window in the late afternoon the day before he died. “After seeing him, I thought ‘I hope he goes today’, you cannot ask for more than that. He has deteriorat­ed since gran died.

“He passed away on Friday just before 6am. I’m very proud of him.

“He didn’t say much about the war. I wish I’d sat him down and spoken to him about those times. I am sure he would have told me all the stories.”

 ?? ?? Beatrix Potter, inset standing, wrote an illustrate­d letter to her cousin
Beatrix Potter, inset standing, wrote an illustrate­d letter to her cousin
 ?? ?? Devoted couple Vinton and Dorothy
Pictures: SWNS
Devoted couple Vinton and Dorothy Pictures: SWNS
 ?? ?? Mrs Rabbit buttoning Peter’s coat
Mrs Rabbit buttoning Peter’s coat
 ?? ?? Hero Vinton
Hero Vinton
 ?? ??

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