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1. (£100) Which of these products is sold by the brands Colgate, Oral-B and Sensodyne? a) Deodorant b) Shampoo c) Toothpaste d) Sun cream

2. (£200) Which tool was used as a weapon by the Norse god Thor? a) Pliers b) Hammer c) Screwdrive­r d) Saw 3. (£300) What is the name of the classic dessert consisting of sponge cake and ice cream covered in meringue? a) Baked Rhode Island b) Baked Wyoming c) Baked Connecticu­t d) Baked Alaska

4. (£500) Trigonomet­ry is a branch of which subject? a) Biology b) Economics c) Psychology d) Mathematic­s

5. (£1K) Lily Savage was a persona of which TV personalit­y? a) Paul O’Grady b) Barry Humphries c) Les Dawson d) Brendan O’Carroll 6. (£2K) Which of these means a speech in a play where a character talks to themselves rather than to other characters? a) Interlude b) Revue c) Soliloquy d) Chorus

7. (£4K) Which of these is a religious event celebrated in Hinduism? a) Diwali b) Ramadan c) Hanukkah d) Whitsun

8. (£8K) British athlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson became a world champion in which athletics event in 2019? a) Heptathlon b) Marathon c) 100 metres d) 400 metres hurdles

9. (£16K) Which iconic horror film involves a couple whose newborn child is replaced at birth with the Antichrist? a) The Shining b) Don’t Look Now c) The Exorcist d) The Omen

10. (£32K) In the opera by Rossini, what is the first name of The Barber Of Seville? a) Tamino b) Alfredo c) Don Carlos d) Figaro

11. (£64K) Which of these books is believed to have been inspired by the real-life experience­s of the Scottish sailor Alexander Selkirk? a) Moby Dick b) Robinson Crusoe c) Treasure Island d) The Count Of Monte Cristo

12. (£125K) Which toxic substance is obtained from the pressed seeds of the castor oil plant? a) Sarin b) Strychnine c) Ricin d) Cyanide

13. (£250K) The Twelve Apostles is a series of peaks connected to which mountain? a) Aoraki Mount Cook b) K2 c) Table Mountain d) Mont Blanc

14. (£500K) First performed in 1804, Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony was originally dedicated to which historical figure? a) Marie Antoinette b) Napoleon Bonaparte c) Louis XVIII of France d) Voltaire

ANSWERS: 1 (c) Toothpaste; 2 (b) Hammer; 3 (d) Baked Alaska; 4 (d) Mathematic­s; 5 (a) Paul O’Grady; 6 (c) Soliloquy; 7 (a) Diwali; 8 (a) Heptathlon; 9 (d) The Omen; 10 (d) Figaro; 11 (b) Robinson Crusoe; 12 (c) Ricin; 13 (c) Table Mountain; 14 (b) Napoleon Bonaparte; 15 (d) Isle of Man TT

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