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Just look what you threw away, Harry

- VIRGINIA BLACKBURN Email me at virginia.blackburn@reachplc.com

YOU think you’re suffering in lockdown? Spare a thought for a young couple with a one-year-old child. They only have a $18million mansion to shelter in and, worse still, what with restrictio­ns on current travel, they are not able to use the private jet with which their host whisked them from Canada to an area of prime California­n real estate. Yup: Harry and Meghan are back in the news.

Not that the publicity-shy couple were ever out of it, of course, but there has been a double whammy in the past couple of days. The first is that Meghan wants the book about their new life, with which they cooperated, to be brought forward, so everyone can see she is not a control freak diva but a darling. (For anyone who is not entirely convinced of that there’s also an alternativ­e book in the pipeline about the two of them by Lady Colin Campbell, who broke the real story about the marriage of Harry’s parents well before Diana: Her True Story came out.) And the second is that wellplaced sources report that Harry is feeling rudderless, with no structure to his life. This is less than a month after Dame Jane Goodall, a friend of the couple, saying that Harry was finding life post-Royal,

“challengin­g.” Is it any wonder? This comes straight after senior members of the Royal Family, including the Queen, Prince Charles and the Cambridges, released a video thanking nurses across the world. This is what the Royal family is supposed to do: voice the sentiments of the nation, while providing reassuring evidence of continuity, by virtue of the fact that they’re still there. They speak for us. Harry and Meghan do not. The Queen, telling us that we will meet again and that Britain’s streets are not empty but full of love showed us that she is still entirely in touch with the nation she has served for so long, far more than a self-centred couple mouthing vacuous platitudes from across the pond.

Meghan can say what she wants through the pages of the new book, but it is actions, not words, that provide the full measure of a person. And with every day that passes, this becomes more of a tragedy for poor Harry, stuck in the middle of the most narcissist­ic place on the planet, away from family, friends and the armed services he so loved. It is nonsense that this couple were driven from these shores by racism towards Meghan.A lot of us were delighted to see a biracial American divorcée marrying into a 1,000-year- old monarchy. Now they’ve thrown it all away.And for what?

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