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Don’t let your firm furlough your job options


Is the scheme coming to an end?

Yes, but not until October 2020.

Will the amount I get paid under the scheme be reducing?

Employees on furlough currently salary, up to £2,500, paid for by the Government. There will be no change until the end of July. This will change from August, by which time employers will be encouraged “to start sharing with the Government the cost of paying people’s salaries”.

But we do not have any details of what this means. There will be further informatio­n towards the end of May.

Can my employer take me off the furlough scheme?

Yes, the decision to furlough an employee is entirely at the discretion of the employer and they can decide to remove employees at any time.

If they decide to only remove some employees, they must not make their decision as to whom to select on grounds of discrimina­tion.

Can my employer force me to return to work?

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Yes, if your job cannot be performed from home and it is safe for you to return to work. However, your employer cannot ask you to work and keep you furloughed. But from August, firms will be able to ask employees to return to work “parttime”. Employers will have to pay for the part-time hours but the per cent of their monthly

Government will continue to make payments under the scheme, but how much is yet to be announced.

Can I be made redundant while on furlough?

Yes, although usual redundancy laws still apply. If your employer does seek to make you redundant, ask if they will wait until the end of the furlough scheme. It only works while you remain in employment.

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