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Mine’s skinny… three cups of coffee each day cuts body fat

- By Alice Fuller

WOMEN who enjoy two or three cups of coffee a day have less body fat, scientists have claimed.

Compounds in the beverage may have anti-obesity properties causing total body fat percentage to fall in females of all ages. And it works with caffeinate­d or decaf.

Women aged 20 to 44 who drank two or three cups per day had 3.4 per cent lower belly fat than non-coffee drinkers.

And it was 4.1 per cent lower in those aged 45 to 69 who drank four or more cups daily, a study claims.

Overall, the total body fat was 2.8 per cent lower among women of all ages who had two or three cups of coffee every day.

Even if a woman had a chronic disease or smoked, the result stood.

Coffee appears to have a positive effect on men, but the relationsh­ip was less significan­t.

Males aged 20 to 44 who drank two or more cups per day had 1.3 per cent less total body fat and 1.8 per cent less trunk fat than non-coffee drinkers.


Experts say coffee could become a key part of a healthy diet and help in the fight against obesity.

Study senior author Dr Lee Smith, of Anglia Ruskin University, said: “Our research suggests that there may be bioactive compounds in coffee other than caffeine that regulate weight and which could potentiall­y be used as anti-obesity compounds.

“It could be that coffee, or its effective ingredient­s, could be integrated into a healthy diet strategy to reduce the burden of chronic conditions related to the obesity epidemic.”

But Dr Smith added: “It is important to interpret the findings of this study in light of its limitation­s – the study was at a specific point in time so trends cannot be establishe­d.

“However, we don’t believe that someone’s weight is likely to influence their coffee consumptio­n.”

The findings, based on the National Health and Nutrition Examinatio­n Survey of the US Centre for Disease Control, were published in The Journal of Nutrition.

 ?? Picture: GETTY ?? Compound effect…women benefit most from coffee
Picture: GETTY Compound effect…women benefit most from coffee

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