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High heels make us look like birds on stilts, says star Eva

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View to a heel...Eva on red carpet in London and, right, in casual boots in New York

FORMER Bond girl Eva Green has branded high heels “antifemini­st” and complained that they make women look like “birds on stilts”.

The actress and model, 39, starred as glam Vesper Lynd alongside Daniel Craig’s 007 in 2006 hit Casino Royale. But away from film sets and the red carpet, her fashion choices are different. Eva said: “I ought to wear more colours, to be more of a woman, but I like comfort too much. “High heels just feel really anti-feminist to me, we’re like birds on stilts.”

The French star went from designer gowns to spacesuits for her latest role, as an astronaut in Proxima, directed by Alice Winocour. Her character, Sarah Loreau, has to balance preparing for a year on the Internatio­nal Space Station with her role as a mother to an eight-year-old daughter.

Eva met female astronauts to help her prepare for the part. She said: “They’re like superheroe­s, these people.They speak five or six languages, they have to be good at everything physically, they sacrifice themselves. “They’re almost like saints – it’s a religion, wanting to explore the unknown.”

On their difference­s from men, she added: “Male astronauts show you pictures of children and partners. But the women usually don’t, it would distract them from the mission. “They are so strong, it’s

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difficult to the armour.”

Eva’s first role was in 2003 romantic drama The Dreamers. She starred opposite Orlando Bloom in 2005 hit Kingdom Of Heaven before landing the part of Vesper.

Speaking to Town & Country, Paris-born Eva also told of her see the cracks in love for her new home of London. She said: “I feel very calm here. I’ve got a British driving licence, which is a miracle.

“I’d like to get a passport.When you’re born somewhere, you’re spoilt and you don’t see the beauty of it. In London, there’s more space and parks and nature.”

●●Eva’s full chat is in Town & Country’s summer issue, out now.

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