Se­cret of my suc­cess? Star power!

Los­ing weight, mov­ing house or even choos­ing a part­ner, astrol­ogy fan CHRIS­TINE CHALKLIN ex­plains why she only makes a big de­ci­sion af­ter con­sult­ing the stars

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CRAN­ING OVER her mother’s shoul­der, Chris­tine Chalklin was fas­ci­nated by the astrol­ogy chart, de­spite be­ing only five years old. “My ear­li­est mem­ory is watch­ing my mother Di­tiane draw up a birth chart. It was a se­ri­ous hobby,” says Chris­tine, 65, from Pon­te­fract, West York­shire. “My grand­mother Melita also be­lieved in this an­cient prac­tice.

“Grow­ing up, it was nor­mal to hear my mum and grand­mother dis­cussing the plan­ets and their in­flu­ence over tea.”

When she was 11, her mother taught Chris­tine the ba­sics of astrol­ogy – the mean­ings of the sun signs, the 12 plan­ets and the houses.As­trologers be­lieve that each planet has a par­tic­u­lar en­ergy and where it’s placed in the sky at your mo­ment of birth in­flu­ences your life.

“I see the birth chart as a cos­mic map, a way to nav­i­gate through life,” says Chris­tine. “The plan­ets can sug­gest the best times to do cer­tain things and of­fer guid­ance for change and trans­for­ma­tion.

“I don’t make any big life de­ci­sions with­out first con­sult­ing the plan­ets. I’ve been liv­ing my life this way since the 1990s when I took an in-depth astrol­ogy course.”

Now a pro­fes­sional as­trologer, Chris­tine is so hooked on horo­scopes that when she wanted to over­haul her diet last year she checked her birth chart first. “I had been feel­ing sluggish and put on a few pounds,” she says. “I had Jupiter in Sagittariu­s as well as my moon.The moon is all about emo­tions and con­nected to eat­ing habits, while Jupiter is a big heavy planet, any­thing it touches ex­pands in­clud­ing your waist­line.”

WITH guid­ance from the stars, Chris­tine cut down on carbs and sugar and lost seven pounds with­out really try­ing. Be­sides diet, astrol­ogy can also re­veal the best ex­er­cise for your star sign.

“I’m a Libra, the sign of the scales, so I started do­ing yoga. Yoga is about bal­ance, so it’s ideal for me.”

When Chris­tine met her part­ner Alan at an astrol­ogy con­fer­ence in 2002, again she re­lied on the plan­ets for in­sight.

“Alan seemed nice, but I did ask about his birth sign to make sure we were com­pat­i­ble,” says Chris­tine. “He’s an Aquarius and I’m a Libra, both air signs, so there was lots of chat­ting and a con­nec­tion.”

The cou­ple started dat­ing, but at the time Chris­tine lived in Sur­rey and Alan in

Pon­te­fract. Af­ter

seven years, Chris­tine de­cided to re­lo­cate to be with him. “I looked at the plan­ets and it was a favourable move for us both. Now I have my own home of­fice where

I do read­ings for clients,” she says. “I use astrol­ogy to help peo­ple de­cide the best time to make big life changes, to re­solve

is­sues or make ca­reer de­ci­sions. I see my­self as an as­tro-life coach.” Alan also has his own of­fice where he does his astrol­ogy work al­though he writes about foot­ball. He looks at play­ers’ and man­agers’ birth charts to see how the plan­ets af­fect their game.

“If we’re look­ing at a joint life is­sue, we do our own astrologic­al cal­cu­la­tions in our of­fices,” says Chris­tine. “Then we print out the charts and chat in the kitchen be­fore mak­ing any de­ci­sions.”

Chris­tine be­lieves in plan­e­tary power so much that when the cou­ple moved house, four years ago, she de­layed pick­ing up the keys, choos­ing to wait for the plan­ets to align per­fectly in­stead. Al­though it may sound ex­treme, Chris­tine even con­sults the stars be­fore book­ing hol­i­days to find the ideal des­ti­na­tion.

DUR­ING the pan­demic, Chris­tine has been busier than usual. “Lock­down has given peo­ple the space to ex­am­ine their lives and clients are ask­ing ques­tions about their jobs.They want to dis­cover their true life paths, the fo­cus is no longer on money,” she says.

Chris­tine ex­plains that the plan­ets even re­vealed the chaos of coro­n­avirus and lock­down. On March 22, Saturn moved into Aquarius, which is rare.

“Saturn re­stricts and cre­ates bound­aries and Aquarius is the planet of free­dom.The next day on March 23, free­dom was cur­tailed and bound­aries were put in place with lock­down,” she says. Dur­ing

April, Jupiter was con­junct with Pluto and both plan­ets were in the sign of Capricorn.

“Capricorn is all about the es­tab­lish­ment, govern­ment, fi­nances,” says Chris­tine. “Pluto breaks ev­ery­thing down, while Jupiter fo­cuses on travel and in­di­vid­u­al­ism – so you can see the en­ergy at this time sug­gests a mas­sive break­down in the norm.

“As­trologers have been look­ing at these plan­e­tary move­ments and pre­dict­ing a huge up­heaval dur­ing 2020.They just didn’t know how it was go­ing to man­i­fest.”

Chris­tine says that Jupiter and Pluto con­junct again on June 30, but adds they’re in ret­ro­grade – mov­ing back­wards mak­ing the in­flu­ences weaker.

“We may have an­other small wave of in­fec­tions then or a mini-lock­down, and again on Novem­ber 12.”

“Peo­ple who doubt the stars can ig­nore the plan­ets if they wish. I’ve found it’s much bet­ter to swim with the cos­mic tide rather than against it.”

IT’S WRIT­TEN IN THE STARS: Chris­tine looked over her charts be­fore mov­ing in with Alan (left)

GUIDED: Chris­tine and mum Di­tiane

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