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Put snitch­ing Stasi army out to grass

- Boris Johnson · Sweden

HEAVEN help us, we are now en­cour­aged to be a na­tion of snitches, sneaks and quasi Stasi. So far has Boris de­parted from his “land of lib­erty” that min­is­ters are now ac­tively urg­ing peo­ple to re­port groups of seven in their neigh­bours’ gar­dens and proudly pro­claim­ing they would do so them­selves.

Pre­sum­ably Boris thinks the boys in blue have noth­ing bet­ter to do than rush out to in­ves­ti­gate the al­le­ga­tions of busy­bod­ies and nosey park­ers: no thefts, bur­glar­ies, as­saults, rapes or mur­ders or even raves and re­ally se­ri­ous breaches of coro­n­avirus laws. Just how much sil­lier can this whole saga get?

Another lock­down will tip the econ­omy into a black hole from which it is un­likely to re­cover for years to come and our chil­dren and chil­dren’s chil­dren will be sad­dled with the debts of the Gov­ern­ment’s panic.

Fig­ures over the week­end showed Swe­den, which has had no univer­sal lock­down, to have had the low­est num­ber of deaths in the past 14 days and the low­est num­ber of daily cases per mil­lion res­i­dents.

AS LONG ago as March 18 I wrote in this col­umn that with nine out of 10 Covid deaths oc­cur­ring in those with un­der­ly­ing health con­di­tions ( and that was be­fore min­is­ters were clas­si­fy­ing obe­sity as such a con­di­tion) the logic pointed to lock­ing down the un­healthy and the very frail aged and telling the rest of us that it was our duty to keep the econ­omy and vol­un­teer ef­fort go­ing.

There are signs that min­is­ters are now look­ing at that with talk of ev­ery­body over 50 be­ing awarded a per­sonal risk score. Good, but I raised another is­sue in a later col­umn which I have never seen an­swered: of those who have died with­out any un­der­ly­ing health con­di­tion, what is the break­down in age? What is the proof that healthy sep­tu­a­ge­nar­i­ans are sub­stan­tially more at risk than healthy quin­ta­ge­nar­i­ans?

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