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£ 30k for 4ft bub­ble car

- By Mark Reynolds Cars · Consumer Goods · Messerschmitt · Luftwaffe · German Air Force · Lymington · John Sandford · Charterhouse · Sherborne

FANCY a nice lit­tle run­ner? This tiny bub­ble car stretches less than 4ft but is set to sell for big money.

The rare Messer­schmitt KR200 was built in 1959 af­ter the fa­mous Ger­man air­craft man­u­fac­tur­ers had been banned from mak­ing planes for the Luft­waffe.

They were cheap and easy to mass pro­duce at a time of great aus­ter­ity af­ter the Sec­ond World War.

They ceased pro­duc­tion in 1964 when bub­ble cars be­came a fig­ure of fun and many were scrapped.

To­day they are highly col­lectable and the KR200 for sale is tipped to go for £ 30,000 at auction in Dorset to­day. The prim­rose yel­low model has been fully re­stored by its owner John Sand­ford- Hart from Lyming­ton, Hants.

He said: “It is fan­tas­tic to drive – if you like fly­ing along close to the ground on a skate­board.”

The two- seater has a 250CC en­gine that pro­pels the light­weight mo­tor to a hair- rais­ing 70mph.

It is be­ing sold by Char­ter­house Auc­tion­eers of Sher­borne, Dorset.

The firm’s Richard Bromell said: “The mi­cro cars were laughed at for a time but now peo­ple re­alise they form a very in­ter­est­ing part of our so­cial his­tory.”

Mi­cro magic... tiny car be­fore its over­haul

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