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Al­ter drink­ing habits to help our in­dus­try sur­vive


WHY so much moan­ing about the re­stric­tions re­gard­ing pubs?

In my younger days, li­cens­ing hours were nowhere near as long as they are now. Sen­si­ble drinkers went in at open­ing time and bought their needs be­fore leav­ing fully re­freshed at clos­ing time.

The li­censee was happy with the trade and his staff were able to fin­ish work at a rea­son­able time.

The change in drink­ing habits means peo­ple stock­ing up be­fore­hand with cheap drink and giv­ing money to su­per­mar­kets.

Folks, the an­swer to sav­ing our pubs is sim­ple: change your drink­ing habits.

Bill Pear­son, Work­ing­ton, Cum­bria

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