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I’M so glad that David Ten­nant was voted the best ever Doc­tor Who ( Hickey, Septem­ber 22).

The guy is just a su­perb ac­tor, as his role in the re­cent TV drama about se­rial killer Den­nis Nilsen proved.

As Doc­tor Who he cap­tured the per­fect mix of quirk­i­ness, hu­mour and drama.

I was dev­as­tated when he left the show but at least that freed him up to do other great work.

My sec­ond favourite Doc­tor was Tom Baker, with his huge scarf. He was bril­liant too.

Jamie Nixon, Not­ting­ham

HOW ironic that when it comes to a show about time travel the fans have for­got­ten the bril­liant ac­tors who have played the Doc­tor.

David Ten­nant was good but he couldn’t hold a can­dle to Jon Per­twee or Tom Baker.

I think it is a case of many fans only re­mem­ber­ing the re­cent Doc­tors.

Maybe they should go back and ex­plore another time and place to see what they missed.

David Ten­nant is a su­perb ac­tor but, for me, he was just a Doc­tor Who also- ran com­pared to the greats.

Alan Pritchard,

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