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China warned over UK passport threat

- By Sam Lister Deputy Political Editor

BRITAIN has told China it will “not look the other way” after Hong Kong residents were warned by Beijing they could not leave on UK passports.

New visa rules come into force this weekend, making it easier for up to 7,000 citizens to move to Britain after unrest over draconian security laws imposed by China.

But the Chinese government has announced it will not recognise the British National Overseas passport as a valid travel document.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “We have been clear that we will not look the other way when it comes to Hong Kong people with British National Overseas status, who now have a choice to come and live and work and study in the UK.”

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian prompted uncertaint­y around the plan, saying: “This move seriously infringes on China’s sovereignt­y, grossly interferes in Hong Kong affairs and China’s internal affairs.”

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