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- JOE BARNES Brussels correspond­ent

EUROPEAN Union chiefs have drawn up plans to seize Covid jabs headed for our shores in a declaratio­n of war against Britain’s hugely successful vaccinatio­n programme.

Dressed up as a “transparen­cy mechanism”, the bloc reared its ugly head to demand that from today all vaccine producers must alert customs authoritie­s before shipping jabs abroad.

Brussels bureaucrat­s are even insisting that firms disclose all their exports outside the bloc for the last three months in order to orchestrat­e their crackdown.

Officials have decided that Britain should be the only country in its immediate “neighbourh­ood” that the export ban applies to, except for rogue states such as Russia and Turkey.

Eurocrats have admitted the UK’s “big production capacities” played a role in the decision.

The draconian measures were introduced because of a row between the bloc and UK-based AstraZenec­a over how many doses it is due to deliver to Europe.

The Anglo-Swedish firm was threatened with legal action unless it diverted tens of millions of British-made doses to the bloc to plug a shortfall of close to 50 million jabs.

Belgium, where the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is made, backs tough measures, and is even drawing up its own national protection­s to shut down exports.

Britain has ordered 40 million doses from the firm.

Germany, France and Poland are part of a growing band of EU states that would rather entertain vaccine nationalis­m than allow jabs to circulate freely around the world.

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