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CMO of Rutherford Cancer Centres and Former Director of WHO Cancer Programme

SOCIAL media’s voice of calm Karol Sikora has been signed up by the Daily Express. Readers can now enjoy his soothing advice in these troubled times that have won him hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter. If you need reassuring everything’s going to be all right read Professor Positivity.

LOCKDOWN fatigue is something many of us are struggling with. I know I am.

I’m fortunate that through my work I am able to get out of the house, which makes a hugely positive difference. But I know for many that is not possible. Days can seem repetitive and, with no imminent end to it, things can really seem bleak.

My heart goes out to those of you reading this who are stuck in tiny flats, perhaps having to homeschool your children and also work from home.

I can sympathise as we are looking after our teenage granddaugh­ter, who is learning from home – and it’s not easy to say the least.

Most people are finding ways to cope, but there is no shame in admitting if you are struggling. Far too often pride gets in the way of asking for help.

What else can we do to escape the monotony? It’s impossible to overstate the benefits of getting some exercise, even if it’s only a brisk walk a day.

Also giving yourself something to look forward to is a positive step, whether it’s organising a Zoom quiz with friends or planning to cook a nice meal at the weekend. You are allowed to meet someone outside your household in the outdoors for exercise too, which is a real lifeline for many.

I think my main message is to reach out to people. Zoom or phone calls are no substitute for human contact, but it is certainly far better than nothing.

We are social beings and spending days or weeks without proper human contact is terrible for both physical and mental health, which is something many people are having to deal with.

Take care of yourselves and those around you – we all need to help each other through this.

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