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EARNING around £554,000 a year, Imperial’s Alice Gast is Britain’s highest paid vice-chancellor.

Last year the Texan, 62, was forced to apologise after an independen­t investigat­ion into allegation­s of bullying.

Dozens of staff members gave evidence via Zoom during the summer. They are said to have complained she belittled and accused them of incompeten­ce.

As a result, she and Muir Sanderson, the university’s chief financial officer, were offered coaching.

Prof Gast said she was

“sorry that, at times, I made some senior staff feel unapprecia­ted and left out. I am very sorry that I bullied someone”.

The chief, whose background is engineerin­g, is on a number of advisory committees and boards such as the League of European Research Universiti­es and the Mayor of London’s Brexit Advisory Panel.

Prof Gast is also on the World Economic Forum Global University Leaders’ Forum and the Advisory Board for the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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